Python Properties for Django Templates

Python Properties can make method calls visible to Django templates! I have been developing a website for my wife as she catalogs every brewery, cidery, distillery, meadery, and winery in Colorado. Using Django has been a dream – easy interactions with the database, and templates make rendering data to HTML simple. I wanted to give users…… Continue reading Python Properties for Django Templates

Normalizing Football Performances for Better Fantasy Predictions

Normalized scores for NFL teams’ defenses look promising as input to predict game outcomes and fantasy-player performances, but testing is still needed. Working with football statistics, I wanted to evaluate a team’s performance and use the results as input for a LSTM neural network to predict players’ fantasy scores. Basically, the idea is with a better way to…… Continue reading Normalizing Football Performances for Better Fantasy Predictions

Updating the Play-Framework Example

I’ve been learning a bit of Scala recently and I decided to look into one of its most well-known use cases, the Play Framework. This framework, I feel, is similar to Django for Python: a web-application framework that easily integrates database transactions and includes HTML templates. As my only experience in writing a web application…… Continue reading Updating the Play-Framework Example