Genetic Algorithms Part 2: Quadratic Example

Genetic Algorithms (GAs) can find the minimum of a quadratic equation given a range. While not the fastest or most precise method, this is a great way to become familiar with how to set up GAs and how they work. Continuing the discussion from Part 1,¬†which details what GAs are and when they are helpful,…… Continue reading Genetic Algorithms Part 2: Quadratic Example

Stumbling to Package a Django App

Django applications can be packaged individually for reuse. Documentation on how to do so from start to finish seemed either old, sparse, or incomplete. This was my adventure and solution. I’ve used Django to develop a few applications. For one project, I wanted to see how many active users there were interacting with the site.…… Continue reading Stumbling to Package a Django App

Python Properties for Django Templates

Python Properties can make method calls visible to Django¬†templates! I have been developing a website for my wife as she catalogs every brewery, cidery, distillery, meadery, and winery in Colorado. Using Django has been a dream – easy interactions with the database, and templates make rendering data to HTML simple. I wanted to give users…… Continue reading Python Properties for Django Templates